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TR90 Frame

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Anti-scratch lenses

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Ocean plastic clean-up

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100% UVA+UVB protection

What's the tech?

Anti-scratch lenses turned out to be relatively simple to make. The real challenge was to create a beautiful fashion product with the TR90 technology. It is an injectable mold from Switzerland, that is well-known for skiing eyewear. We have converted it to a premium Acetate look, without compromising on how extremely durable, bendable, and flexible the frames are.

Worry less

Just like our main collection, the sunglasses are designed to make life more fun and less worrisome. Sit on them. Put them in your bag unprotected. Climb a mountain. No need for special activewear when you're in LABFRESH gear eye to toe.

2-year guarantee

We've increased our warranty policy to guarantee 24 months of usage (see details on the product pages). On top of that, we understand that sunglasses easily get lost. So if you f*** up, just tell us the story and we give you 30% off the replacement pair.

Fair is fair.

Don't just take our word for it

At this moment, 100,000 LABFRESH customers in 98 countries are pulling off the impressive triple whammy of working hard, playing hard, and staying fresh.


Yes, we clean up a bit of plastic from the oceans when for every pair of sunglasses sold. But the big impact is that these sunglasses are made to last. From the design to the hinges every little detail has been engineered to create eyewear that can handle everything life throws at you. Because true sustainability is to buy less, wear it more, and keep it forever. Kinder on the planet, kinder on your wallet. Ka-ching! 

Buy fewer, better sunglasses